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Building Israel through Brain Gain

Since 2006, Gvahim NGO works to make Israel`s "Brain Gain" succeed, by offering highly-skilled Olim and returning citizens from all over the world the proper tools, guidance, support and community for a successful professional and social Aliyah. 

Our methodology: connecting talents into the Israeli economy, society and culture.


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Our jobs openings are now published on our LinkedIn page :www.linkedin.com/groups

Gvahim Career Program opens in Jerusalem!

NEW: Our Career Acceleration Program is now also available in Jerusalem, thanks to our partnership with the Jerusalem Foundation and Jerusalem Municipality.

To register for the upcoming program on January 4th, click here and choose Jerusalem. For more information on the program visit www.gvahim.org.il/cap


Mickael Bensadoun, Co-founder of Gvahim, featured in the Times of Israel

We are proud of Gvahim`s Co-founder, Mickael Bensadoun,who was featured in the November issue of The Times of Israel, French edition

To read more: http://fr.timesofisrael.com/mickael-bensadoun-lanceur-de-projets/

A taste of Israel - Gvahim at the London Aliyah Expo

We are excited to announce that Gvahim was invited by the Jewish Agency and WZO Aliyah Promotion Department to be a participant in the Annual London Aliyah Expo!

We presented a very successful workshop on employment in Israel and had very special guests visit our booth.

Picture: Gvahim’s Development Director, David Broza, with Israel’s Ambassador to the UK

Introducing Gvahim`s New CEO Gali Shahar

Dear Gvahim Community,

After 8 years of intense involvement for the success of Highly Skilled Olim, I decided this is the right moment for Gvahim and for me to leave my position to join the volunteering team of Gvahim as a Board Member and Mentor.

I am happy and proud to do so at a good time, knowing our young organization is now a strong and stable one, constantly growing, and that the foundations are solid enough to enable us to reach new heights day after day, year after year, for the Olim community and for Israel`s future.

I am thrilled to announce that Gvahim`s Board and Chairman Moshe Mor have appointed Gali Shahar as the new CEO of Gvahim. With her 15 years` experience in the high tech industry, including 8 in Canada, and many years of active volunteering work in NGOs in Israel, Gali brings to Gvahim not only her excellent managerial skills but also her passion for social change and for the Brain Gain mission.

Gali holds a BA from the Interdisciplinary Department for Social Sciences from Bar-Ilan University and an MA in Public Policy Management from IDC Hertzelia. For many years while in the private sector, she volunteered and managed social and civic volunteering intiatives. She played a significant role, in particular, in establishing and leading community relations activities at Amdocs, working with children and youth, and running road safety programs for employees and their families. 

Wishing us all to continue reaching new heights,

Warmest Regards,

Mickael Bensadoun

Find a quality position in Israel: Join Gvahim`s 28th Career Program for Olim and Returning Citizens

Our next Career Acceleration Program for professionals looking for quality employment in Israel is starting on November 9.

Now is the time to apply and to share the information with your career-focused friends in Israel, Olim and returning citizens alike.

[FR] Programmes d`emploi de qualité en Israël

Gvahim CEO Mickael Bensadoun ``French-Israeli Personality of the Year``

Gvahim`s Board and Team are proud to invite you to share a joyful moment in the life of our organization: our CEO Mickael Bensadoun received last week the Prize of the French-Israeli Personality of the Year, for his contribution to the success of Aliyah.

The Prize was awarded by the French-Speaking Israeli Federation (FIF) in a Gala event held at Ha-Bait Ha-Yarok in Tel Aviv in the presence of the French Consul General in Tel Aviv, Patrice Matton. Also receiving a prize that night was AMI (Aliyah Meilleure Intégration) as "French-Israeli Organization of the Year".

Mickael recalled the inspiration of central figures who established Gvahim along with him in 2006: then Israeli Aerospace Industries Chairman Yair Shamir, Rashi Foundation Director General Elie Elalouf, and DSP-Group Chairman Eli Ayalon. What was at the time a pilot project with French Olim became under their joint leadership a fully-fledged organization running an array of programs for professionals, entrepreneurs and students from all over the world.

Gvahim`s success in empowering Olim to fulfill their professional aspirations in Israel was one of the reasons prompting former Prime Minister of France Alain Juppé (pictured right) to visit TheHive by Gvahim with a delegation in April 2013. Now the Mayor of Bordeaux, Mr. Juppé was looking to learn about immigrant entrepreneurship.

With French Aliyah growing over the past months, Gvahim has organized to meet the needs of hundreds more French Olim every year eager to succeed in, and contribute to Israel. We look forward to welcoming them in the Gvahim Community and, together, to help them reach new heights, here in Israel.

Gvahim selected by the Natan Fund for their prestigious Core Grant for 2014-2015

We are proud to announce that after 3 years of partnership supporting our Career Programs for Olim, the Natan Fund has selected Gvahim to be a recipient of their prestigious Core Grant for 2014-2015.

We take this opportunity to thank Natan`s donors and Board for their visionary approach to the economic development of Israel.



Leading CEOs join forces for Aliyah and Israel`s Brain Gain

Gvahim`s Corporate Club was launched on April 7th, 2014 with dozens of prominent Israeli companies, to foster the professional success of highly-skilled Olim and strengthen Israel.

First pictures from the event, left-to-right: 1. Gvahim Chairman & Raanana Mayor Zeev Bielski catching up with TEVA`s CEO Erez Vigodman. 2. Ministry of Aliyah Director General Oded Forer (left) meets Valérie Kalifa (right), who made Aliyah from France yesterday after finding a position as Wix`s Marketing Director for France through Gvahim. 3. Panelists: Golan Telecom Founder & CEO Michael Golan; McKinsey-Israel Engagement Manager Michael Taksyak; Bank Discount Chairman Yosi Bahar; Gvahim Chairman Zeev Bielski; and DSP-Group CVP Corporate Development Taly Chen

Gvahim`s Corporate Club is a new initiative to strengthen Israel through a collective involvement of Israeli business leaders to leverage the potential impact of highly-skilled Olim

The project was launched in an uplifting event held yesterday at Bank Discount`s Hertzlilenblum Museum in Tel Aviv, as several dozen business partners of Gvahim`s joined forces to create the Gvahim Corporate Club. View the video presented at the even:

The event was generously sponsored by Bank Discount, the Manufacturers Association of Israel and Tracy Consulting. Bank Discount`s Chairman Yosi Bahar accepted to Chair the initiative. For several years Bank Discount has provided a specialized course for Olim with a financial profile and cooperated on joint events for the financial community of Olim and Israelis.
Read the full report

Minister Yair Shamir Becomes Chairman Emeritus of Gvahim

Bill Orr, Chairman of the Gvahim Alumni Committee, addressing Minister Yair Shamir, now Chairman Emeritus of GvahimMinister Yair Shamir officially became "Chairman Emeritus" of Gvahim in a warm, family-like ceremony held in Raanana on Friday 21 March 2014.

After serving as Gvahim`s Chairman since the association was established in 2009, Yair had to step down from his Chairman role in order to enter the Israeli government as Minister of Agriculture a few months ago. He was succeeded as Gvahim Chairman by Ze`ev Bielski, now Mayor of Raanana.

The honorary title given to Yair is a way to thank him both for his tireless contribution to Gvahim and for his continued work for the professional success and social fulfillment of Olim. View the ceremony in pictures here

Gvahim`s Mentors Receive the Ministry of Aliyah Volunteer Award

We would like to share our pride with you and congratulate our Mentors, who received the Volunteers Award of the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah in a ceremony held yesterday at Na Laga`at in Tel Aviv.

Mentor and Board Member Tania Amar (pictured above) received the Medal from the hands of Minister of Aliyah Sofa Landver in the name of Gvahim`s group of some 200 Mentors. The ceremony was held in the presence of Minister Yair Shamir, Chairman Emeritus of Gvahim. Read more

Thank you Matan Toledano, Chief Executive of JNF-UK, for the excellent meeting at Gvahim today

Matan Toledano called TheHive Ashdod (JNF-UK and Gvahim`s latest joint project) "mindblowing", and commended the successful efforts of its Director Tal Kelem to use the accelerator to impact the city`s entrepreneurial and professional life beyond the startup program itself.

Click here to read more

Thank you to Minister Silvan Shalom for Exchanging with Olim on ``Building Israel`s Future`` (Dec. 11)

Gvahim and Mazeh 9 would like to thank Minister Silvan Shalom, Amutat Ayalim, the Center for the Development of the Negev, Sweet Factory and all the participants who made Kitzur Derech #3 a success.

If you attended the event, please take 5 minutes to give us feedback.  

For more pictures of Kitzur Derech #3 click here

VIDEO: Israeli Channel 1 Report (in English) on TheHive by Gvahim

Thanks to reports like this one, there is growing awareness in Israel that while solutions must be found to the "brain drain" issue (Israelis leaving the country for opportunities abroad), there is, already now, a very positive phenomenon of "brain gain" from all over the world, and that efforts must be made so that this priceless human resource stays in Israel and contributes to its development.

Israeli Channel 1 report on TheHive by Gvahim

Thanks to the 80 Olim who joined our event with Gabi Ashkenazi (Nov. 13)

A huge thank you to Gabi Ashkenazi for an inspiring talk and for answering questions generously, to Daniela Fubini for leading a successful and interesting Kitzur Derech no.2 event with Gabi Ashkenazi yesterday, and to all the persons who helped: Bill Orr, Marcela Moschovich, Mark Ellins, Yvonne Kapon, Jennifer Simon, Jonathan Ohana, Maze 9, Tel Aviv Municipality, Nefesh B`Nefesh and all the Gvahim staff.

A Busy and Rewarding Month for Olim Entrepeneurs

As we open our Call for Projects for TheHive4 — Gvahim`s next Accelerator Program for startups of Olim and returning Israelis — we are happy to share some exciting news from the entrepreneurial Olim community.

the DLD Open Startup days in Tel Aviv; the Pitch Night of TheHive3; Alumna Vienne Chan receiving the 2013 Entrepreneur Prize at the Go4Europe Conference... read all about it here!

Working to Advance Israel`s Brain Gain at Go4Europe 2013, Tel Aviv

Thank you Edouard Cukierman, the amazing teams of Cukierman Investment House and Catalyst Fund, and the numerous Olim, volunteers and partners who worked to advance Israel`s Brain Gain at the Go4Europe conference.

Organized by Cukierman Investment House and Catalyst Fund, Go4Europe is one of the most prestigious conferences in Israel, bringing together over 1,000 people & organizations from the business and investment community focusing on Europe. This makes the event one of the most exciting networking opportunities of the year.

Gvahim 20 Launched!

We are excited to welcome the participants in Gvahim`s 20th Career Accelerator Program, launched yesterday.

The 25 highly-skilled Olim bring training and experience from 10 different countries (including Andorra, a first at Gvahim).

To hear about their profiles and expertise and help them integrate professionally, please contact Merav at 03-5347538 / MeravB@gvahim.org.il

Click here to see more pictures

Gvahim is Excited to Share its Report for 2012-Summer of 2013

http://issuu.com/gvahim/docs/reportsummer2013We are excited to share our latest report with you. It covers the work done at Gvahim during the past 18 months by our team, consultants, volunteers, Board members and partners, and by the Gvahim community of thousands of new and veteran highly-skilled Olim, mentors and recruiters from Israel`s top companies, and actors from the startup world.

What are Gvahim`s placement results? Where do Alumni work and in what positions? What are the startups launched by TheHive`s Alumni which will impact Israel and the world? You will read all about it (and much more) in Gvahim`s 2012-Summer 2013 Report.

Misrad Klita Vouchers for Olim Reactivated

The Ministry of Absorption just announced that the Voucher Program for Olim is reactivated with new budgets.

Through this program, you can benefit from trainings financed by the Ministry.

Lists of courses eligible for Misrad Klita vouchers

Shana Tova!

Gvahim`s Team wishes you and your family Shana Tova—a year of health, happiness and success, and of reaching new heights in Israel in 5774!

Making History in Ashdod

"This is a historic day”, declared Ashdod Mayor Dr. Yehiel Lasry yesterday at the Opening Event of the city’s first technological incubator, TheHive Ashdod by Gvahim.

The accelerator, a joint venture of the Ashdod Municipality, Gvahim, and JNF-UK, is now officially open, and its first "bees"—14 entrepreneurs from 6 different countries—are working hard to bring their ideas to life.

Click here for all the details on the Opening Event

Thank You to All the Participants who Made Gvahim`s Event with Minister Sofa Landver a Success!


We are happy to give you a glimpse of the enthusiastic atmosphere that prevailed at the event, as Gvahim and Misrad Klita summed up a successful 6 months of partnership.

For an uplifting quote from Minister Landver, pictures, thanks, placement numbers, and more, click here

Thank you to the 100+ Gvahim and Sofaer MBA participants for joining Get Inspired, Get Known for Finance Professionals

Thank you to our excellent guest speakers, Tal Keinan and Michael Halimi, for sharing their story and tips and for networking with our participants.

Thank you to Sarah Karu from the Sofaer MBA, Margalith Sapir, Sharon Mentlik, Sharon Kol, Dana Pollack Wasserman, Merav Ben Ari and all the persons who helped make this event happen.

Thank you to Eran Goren, Ishay Emkies and to the recruiters of the following companies: Deloitte, Diamond Capital, GHF, Harel, HSBC, Leumi Bank and Superderivatives.  

More pictures of the event on Gvahim`s Flickr page

Former Prime Minister of France Alain Juppé visits TheHive by Gvahim

Yesterday, we were proud to welcome Mr Alain Juppe, Mayor of Bordeaux and Former Prime Minister of France, and a delegation from the Bordeaux Municipality and the French Embassy in Israel.

We had the opportunity to present our program for Entrepreneurs Olim, TheHive by Gvahim, to the delegation, who was interested in learning about the Start-Up Nation and its models to encourage entrepreneurship.

More pictures of the meeting on Gvahim`s Flickr page

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